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Menopause is a natural event for women. Women face trouble regarding menopause. But nature is filled with some remedies to ease their sufferings. With these remedies they can enjoy a simple life. One of them is “Licorice herb”.

Menopause Herbal Remedy

Glycyrrhiza glabra is known as the licorice herb. It is produced form the licorice plant. Women use it to control symptom but this is not a new invention. People have been using it for many centuries.If we analyze history, we can find that some nations such as Greek, Hindu, Egyptians and Chinese people used this herb. Especially people of Egypt, they used this herb as an essential herb while making a special sweet drink taken in the afterlife. Due to this reason they buried many Egyptian Pharaohs (king) with this herb. Even king Tut was also buried with licorice root.

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Licorice Plant

Now we need to know what the benefits of using this herb are. This herb helps menopausal women a lot. We know that the common symptoms for menopausal effects are: vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, headaches, irregular periods, digestive issues, hot flashes etc. This herb can also help to treat other diseases which are not related to menopause. This can help against some problems of common health issues. Such as asthma, ulcers, colds, heartburn, yeast infections, canker sores etc. Anti inflammatory quality is available in this herb.

But there is a problem. We cannot declare this herb as safe blindly. It increases hypertension that means high blood pressure. So before taking this herbal remedy, women should meet with a doctor and should learn if it is ok for them. This caution is the same for women who are pregnant.

Another problem is that it can cause some negative effects in women too. Water retention is also occurred by this herb. Now women should think about something. If they can take it on a routine basis, they would be benefited. They can take this remedy for four days in a row. After that they can stop for two weeks before taking them again.

It has a laxative effect. So it is not needed for women who are not trying to find a laxative, because it has some laxative effect. But some women may be benefited certainly.

Now the question may arise in your mind that, how can women get this herb. Well, this herb is available as many forms of foods, Such as pills, teas, chews and drops. Some may find it in a delicious candy. That is not real herbal candy, it is just a flavor.

There are two types of plant estrogen. They are lignin and isoflavones. These two qualitys help the body a lot. This herb prevents symptoms of low estrogen. This also helps to balance hormone levels.

So it is clear that it is very necessary, but some women should avoid this for betterment. However as it is a natural and historical remedy, it is better to use according to suggestion. Nowadays many women are using it and getting benefits. Proper usage of this herb will do a lot for women.


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