Menopause and Its Effects on Behavior

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The Greek word “meno” which means month and pauses which means cessation or pause combine the word Menopause. It is a period when women at the age of around 50, experience that their ovaries produce less estrogen hormones. Thus this period makes reproductive system slower day by day. It can be experienced when women of around that age have irregular menstrual bleeding.Menopause Effect

Certainly menopause has its effect on women’s mental side. As it is a stopping point of fertility, many of them cannot take it easy. Some vasomotor symptom occurs in this period. Anxiety, mood swings, irritability, diminished concentration are common psychological changes for women. They also suffer from hot flashes.

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As mentioned earlier, menopause is the end point of fertility, women feel great grief of losing something in this time. They reach the time when they cannot give birth. So depression is being increased day by day, because women do not have any possibility of pregnancy. This is a change that comes in this period of life. They feel like some valuable things are being missed. Some kinds of physical change are experienced such as urinary urgencies and atrophic symptoms like vaginal dryness due to lack of hormones.

The truth is that no woman can avoid menopause. Every woman at this phase has the ability to live this experience well depending on their choice. Keeping their body healthy is not a very big problem. They must control weight and have a proper diet which is rich in vitamin D, Calcium and other nutrients. Taking physical exercise regularly can help them to control weight. It should not be avoided.

Menopause is also time for realization that they have done in their life for all. Now the time has come to spoil herself. Many of them feel emptiness. They can mark these events as a starting point and realize her dreams. Certainly they get some free time due to this period. This time can be utilized by making a lifelong plan or starting a new thing. Life cannot be stopped but goes according to its way. This period comes to every woman at certain age, so a woman has her friend who is suffering from this problem. They can discuss about their problems, feelings etc. This discussion can gift them ease of grief and also give an opportunity to make friendship more meaningful. It is also a good idea to join in a group of women who are suffering from this phase. Social life would be developed by this attempt.

Nowadays many organizations help women to overcome this period successfully. These organizations help them by travelling or involving them in some activities, no matter if any woman is passing this period without a spouse being divorced or widowed. Many forums for discussion are also working for them. Here women can also join and share their experience and get sympathy. They are not the only ones today to feel alone; rather others are there to share their grief. Women are supposed to be selfish in this phase, but by using opportunities, they can lead a simple life, and that is not very hard.

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