Menopause and Weight Gain – Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Help?

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Menopause and weight gain is dreaded for most women. When a woman goes in to menopause then her hormonal levels start to change. Estrogen which keeps her body functioning properly drops drastically. When this happens a doctor has to prescribe HRT also known as Hormonal Replacement Therapy.

While Hormonal Replacement Therapy has its good and bad effects, it is now confirmed that taking HRT for long period of time can attribute to a woman getting breast cancer. During the menopausal stage most women tend to gain weight while some are not affected. There are plenty of alternate bio-identical hormones that you can use to relieve you from menopausal symptoms.

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menopause and weight gain

menopause and weight gain

Trying to get rid of belly fat is the worst problem that a woman faces. She has to put up with the unsightly belly fat and finds that one day she just can’t get into the favourite pair of jeans that she wore! All women have to eventually enter into menopause. That is the law of nature.

A woman should prepare herself well in advance, be informed of the physical and internal organ changes that are going to take place when she reaches menopause. You need to understand that weight gain in menopause isn’t your fault but you have to make life changes that will help you get through this crisis.

Alternative medicines in the form of herbs are available rather than taking Hormone Replacement Therapy. Taking bio-identical hormones will not give you the side effects that are caused by taking HRT. You can also maintain your weight by making strict dietary changes that will help you lose weight.

Contrary to what many people say that weigh is gained during menopause, it is actually the type of foods that you eat that makes you put on or lose weight. Make a note of what you eat and see what needs to be eliminated.

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Menopause and Weight Gain


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