Water Retention and Ways to Relieve

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Menopause is the last part of fertility for women. When they pass a period where they stop ovulating, we can refer to it as Menopause. Usually women experience it at the age of 50 but some may experience it quite early. However it does not have the same affect on all women. In this time, production of some hormones like estrogen and progesterone become less in the body. So it affects women in different ways to fill the reduced estrogen and progesterone.

One effect is that they try to fill during menopause by taking estrogen. While doing this, their body is filled with excessive amount of fluid which is harmful to important internal organ’s like kidneys, circulatory system, heart etc. This situation is called Water Retention. As this is harmful, women must avoid this in order to stay safe and save their heart, kidneys etc. They must set a limit to the intake of fluid.

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It is very pleasant news that Water Retention can be reduced. There are several ways to reduce Water Retention. Women can follow some simple rules:

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is necessary for a healthy life. Accumulating fluid in the body becomes a serious problem with menopause.  Physical exercise is helpful to reduce this problem. Walking, swimming, riding bicycle are good examples for physical exercise.

We know that salt contains sodium, so eating excessive salt means excessive sodium in the blood which increases the amount of water in tissue. Thus water Retention occurs. It is wise to avoid salty food, junk food, pepperoni pizza. It is important to know the salt level before taking food.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) removes much water from the kidneys. So kidneys become stressed. It also threatens Water Retention in the future.

Another way is to apply “Dong Quai”. It is one kind of oil which has a diuretic and mild sedative effect. Diuretic effect increases the discharge of urine and mild sedative and smooth’s the intestines and bladder. It is good idea to apply this oil regularly to avoid this problem.

Eating useful food is important. Some foods are diuretic in nature such as coffee, black tea, celery etc. These kinds of foods increase Water Retention.  Avoiding them is helpful. But some foods are really useful against this problem such as watermelon, corn, grapes. These foods can be eaten without any hesitation.

It’s another way to use “Tincture of Dandelion”.  Usually it is used to free cells from excess fluid. It also keeps toning kidneys, the liver and the adrenals. By applying some drops (10 to 20) of it, water levels are reduced, menopausal change become flexible with this treatment.  Ability of digesting food is also increased.

Other suggestions are also needed. Let’s think about oils which we use in our everyday life, such as while taking bath or using it as mouthwash, gargles also we use it with messages. Actually it helps by preventing excess fluid from the body. The names of this type of oil are juniper, rosemary, geranium, cypress etc.

The above points are supposed to prevent Water Retention / bloating. The main purpose is to avoid accumulating excess water in the body.  Staying conscience of this problem is very much important for women. However by leading a disciplined life following those points can give relieve from Water Retertion.

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